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Tulsa Andromeda Fest/Trek Expo 2005
Sorry, but I've had to remove some pictures from past years by request of the subject of the pictures. 11/2005
Trek Expo Report

Tulsa Andromeda Fest/Trek Expo 2004
Andromeda Fest
Keith DeCandido
Sala Baker
Bai Ling
Lexa Doig and Michael Shanks
Brent Spiner
Katee Sackhoff

Copper Con 23, Phoenix, 2003
Lani Tupu and David Franklin

Tulsa Andromedafest/Trek Expo 2003
Brent Stait
Brent Stait & Gordon Michael Woolvett
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Anthony Michael Hall
Star Trek Gods: Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner

Tulsa Andromedafest/Trek Expo 2002
Lyrical's Excellent Digital Pictures of Keith Hamilton Cobb
Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr Anasazi
Laura Bertram, Trance Gemini
Andromeda Festers and Trekkers

Dr. Who Gallifrey Con, LA, 2002 Pictures
Sunday Afternoon Writer's Panel and
Keith Hamilton Cobb and Gordon Woolvett

Phoenix Convention 2001 Pictures
Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr Anaszazi
Kevin Smith

Minneapolis Convention 2001 Pictures
Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tyr Anaszazi
Majel Roddenberry
Virginia Hey
John DeLancie
Michael Hurst
Ren Pics Costumes/Iolausian Brunch/Iolaus Quilt
Michael/Iolaus Memory Quilt Raffle & Winners

Tulsa Andromeda Fest/Trek Expo 2001 Pictures
Kevin Sorbo at Trek Expo

Valley Forge 2001 Convention Pictures
Michael Hurst
Snowed In in Valley Forge
Keith Hamilton Cobb
Lyrical's Pictures

Mesa Arizona, July 2000 Pictures
Amazons, Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi

San Francisco, October 1999 Pictures
Amazons and Others, Oh My!

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